nothing special realy

so its been a raly long time sins my last log

haha sorry =3 

butt i was had a lot to do for school and stuff 

so ....

but yeah not inportend now !

i dont realy have anything to whright X] im just bored now so im doing this XD ...

maybe i can put some piccs here im in a nice mood ghehe 

do u know acid black cherry ??/

im gonna hit u if you dont X]

no but they arfe realy awsome ....   yasu !!

haha okeej so here are pics as i promesd


okeej mean of me to make thm so small X]

but that was just to show yasu caus he's cuwl =3

now real pics X]


 beat rocklove [movie with takeru[SuG]



LOVE DIVING - Shout It Loud [ PV ] + Trailer BeatRock Love


today totaly sucked

but tommorow is gona suck even more i hate school >.<

soo. my mom is like beig realy mean

she would buy tickets for chibicon jet becous my grades are fucked up

butt im gonna show that woman 

im gonna get those tickets yassu~!


dit eny of u guys know acid black cherry and janne da arc ?

im in love with yasu  [well not love but hes awesome!!]

acid black cherry is the best 

espesualy whe they are dressed ass nerds


yeah peaple NERDS are cuwl 

cuwler that the cuwl kids will ever be 

live with it .


Which Kanjani8 member are you most compatible with

<a mce_thref=Your best K8 match is: Maruyama Ryuuhei!
Your best K8 match is: Maruyama Ryuuhei!
Take Which Kanjani8 member are you most compatible with? today!
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so in juni chibicon is gona be in utrecht

i wanna go soo badly but my mom has to tink abouth it =s 

but its gonna be realy cuwl there gonna be games and muziek 

peaple are gonna cosplay a friend of me is gona cosplay Die [diru]


soo i realy hope my mom is gona let me go 

tickets are €15, somthing like that 

its gonna be 13 juni 2009 utrecht






 is that realy yuuki ??he's wearing the same shirt and stuf !

i do think he looks cuwl like that =3


i found a picc of reita with hes nose ! 

XD  butt stil i dont know if its realy him =[


an cafe .

aww i read a [OLD] interview with bou (ex an cafe)

i realy liked it bou whas very open and stuff he told like lots of thing abouth his past its very cute 

i found it on 

its better than regulair google =P

 but i have some kokkoii avatars furr u ...


i feel kinda bad i dont have any teruki an yuuki

but evry one kow that they are as inportand as all the other members of an cafe <33

did u know bou picked takuya and yuuki to be in an cafe    

[i heard it somewhere]


bou will alway be part of an cafe <33


kiyo sugoii

whaha i found tis realy cuwl guy today.

清春 [kiyoharu]

Kiyoharu's musical career began in the 1980s as a member of independent bands, Sus4 and later Garnet. After the disbandment of Garnet in 1990, Kiyoharu, as well as former Garnet bassist, Hitoki, formed kuroyume. Kuroyume began in the beginning days of the visual kei movement. They progressed from a typical dark image and sound, to a heavy sound influenced by punk rockThe band ended as only a duo with Kiyoharu and Hitoki remaining. After tension on how the band should be managed and health problems for Hitoki, the duo ended the band in 1999.

Kiyoharu picked up again with his musical career, forming Sads in 1999.

After a pause in Sads' activities in 2003, Kiyoharu began releasing solo work. His debut album, Poetry, was released in 2004, showcasing not only his vocal skills, but his talent as a guitarist as well. He has collaborated with many artists, including Pierrot frontman, Kirito for a coupling tour  in 2005.

In 2006, Kiyoharu released two singles, as well as a new album, Vinnybeach -Kakuu no Kaigan-, followed by two long, promotional tours. The following single, "Slow", was featured as the opening song for the anime series The wallflower.

He released another studio album, Forever Love, in 2007. Kiyoharu released "Aibu" in early 2008, and in May the next single, Samidare, was released. 

 Kiyoharu's PV for Tattoo



Lees verder...

Jeej my fist !

so i dont realy know where to start

this is my fist jeej XD
(^O^)/ and i think im  gonna spam it whit pics XD
avatars [credit to who ever made them there great] :

Yamapi <33 hes mine !! ... (^O^)/